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Welcome to Beijing Innovation Software (BIS).
As a technology oriented outsourcing company, BIS started from a small development group facing to Japanese clients, and had a dramatic grow after few M&A and capital injection from Insigma in 2001. In the last 10 years, BIS business coverage changed from coding & testing to full software development lifecycle, analysis, design, development, test and maintenance, built up solid organization by acquiring talented engineers & managers, and now BIS was well positioned in outsourcing industry facing to Japanese clients and domestic system integration industry.
After rapid grow in last 10 years, the outsourcing industry In China get into transforming stage, the main drivers for the transformation are increasing human cost and new IT business requirement in domestic market. The business model of BIS will be changed from facing Japanese clients to global clients including domestic clients, and we believe BIS will become top tier payer as an outsourcing servic
provider and domestic solution provider. Our confidence comes from the accumulation of knowledge & experience in the last 10 years and opportunity driven by new technology like cloud computing, big data, mobile computing.
“Strengthen self without stopping and hold world with virtue”. To open new era of BIS, we need more innovative works, need to develop people, need to stabilize credibility of our clients by providing high quality service, need to compete with competitor with time to market. Let’s all work together to build up powerful and impassioned BIS.